Simple Painted Fish

This not so crafty momma has also been a slightly sick momma over the past few days, so what we have to share today is so simple it’s ridiculous. It did however keep the toddler active and occupied, so it was a win!


Materials Needed

  • Paint (We used three colors, but how many different colors you use is totally up to you)
  • Paper Plate
  • Googly Eye
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush (Optional. If your little one is too little to hold a paint brush, just let them finger paint. Our toddler did a little bit of both)


This fish is perfect for little ones six months to five years old. We started by letting our toddler paint the plate.



After that, we let it dry for awhile. If your little one has as much fun with paint as ours does, it will probably take several hours. Once it was dry, we cut out a triangle shape and glued it on the plate for a tail.



After that, we flipped it over and put on a googly eye. This fish was a lot of fun without a lot of effort!


19 responses to “Simple Painted Fish”

  1. You know that it’s really a toddler who did the painting when the work ends up like a muddy mix of paints. 😛 Our artwork here at home looks like that, too. 😀 But the process of making them were loads of fun!

  2. oh this is so cute and easy to make! Kids love projects like that, especially the finger painting messing everything up part! Am I right?

  3. Oh my gosh its so cute! Been following all your other craft projects and should definitely make a mini museum for your little one with all those projects 😀

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