Open Ended Flower Activity

Our favorite types of activities in our house are ones that dont require a lot of guidance from us. We love watching our little toddler explore her own creativity. Little ones will have a blast creating their own little flowers.


Materials Needed

Construction Paper





We started by cutting out varies flower parts. The older your child is, the more selection they will enjoy having. The little one in our house is small, so we offered her only a small amount of choices.




Our favorite thing about open ended activities is that they are so relaxed and easy. We guided my little one to put the stems on first, then the circles for the middle of the flowers, then the peddles. Older children can be left to put the flowers together on their own.







9 responses to “Open Ended Flower Activity”

  1. alldayactivelife Avatar

    My kids love when a craft involves glue of any kind. What a fun way they can explore their abilities and work on those fine motor skills. Great idea for a morning craft!

  2. My boys have both been learning about flowers and their basic parts so this would be a great craft for them to work on at home to reinforce the lessons for them.


    This is such a lovely activity for little ones. I know my son would enjoy doing this. He really does enjoy arts and crafts.

  4. I know my girl would love this activity! she’s crazy about flowers anything!!

  5. This is a great craft activity. we can follow these instruction, can wait to do it with them.

  6. This is adorable.will definitely try this with my son. He’s been wanting to make paper crafts.

  7. What a lovely arts and craft activity for sure. Ideal to keep kids entertained without breaking the bank xx

  8. I never did any of these things as a child. But it looks like an activity that can hugely boost creativity. And since i don’t have kids yet, I’ll start trying it out with my niece. I hope she’ll love it.

  9. This is so lovely and Nice! Kids would lovely be up for this. Anything that brings out their creativity is great.

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