Must Haves for a Little Ones Hospital Stay

It has been a long last 10 days in our house. Just when we thought our tiny human was springing back from an illness, there was a second round that put her into the hospital for two nights. She is now really on her way to recovery, but we thought we’d share a few items that we highly recommend be in your bag if you find yourself living out of a pediatric hospital room for a few days!

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Even though you are likely so focused on your child that you could probably skip eating, it comes in handy to have things in the room. We had an amazing support system of family members willing to bring us in things and sit with the little one while we ran to get some food, but the snacks in my bag came in handy.

 Extra comfortable clothes

If you are going to sleep on a hospital chair or couch, you’ll definitely want to be comfortable doing so. I brought a pair of fuzzy pants, a clean outfit, and a weeks worth of undies!

Your own Blanket

Sometimes smaller hospital units do not have a huge linen supply and lets face it, hospital blankets are not thick enough to be comfy in cold rooms. Our fevered child didn’t mind the cold at all, but momma was shivering! The wonderful volunteers brought our toddler a beautiful hand made blanket, but bringing your own for you will allow for just a little more comfort.



When doing our first round of packing, pretty much all the essentials were forgotten. Thankfully my mom brought a huge bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash and deodorant. The room had a shower in it and just a quick five minutes of self care felt great.

If your child has been in the hospital, what else do you suggest packing?

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