Lady Bug

We are just getting back into the swing of our daily routine after a week of sickness. The goal of this blog is to encourage parents, teachers, and other early childhood educators to go beyond Pintrest perfect and just focus on letting little ones explore their creativity. This little lady bug is a perfect example of this. The antennas are not on correctly, part of it is ripped on the back because the toddler tried to eat it, and the painting did not go as planned. Even with all this, the little lady bug is such a perfect example of who our little person is right at this moment!

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Materials Needed




So I started with cutting out shapes. I cut two circles and little antennas. Then I traced the toddlers hands and cut those out as well. This is really a craft you can do with infants and up. If the child is older, simply draw the shapes and let them cut the shapes out. If your feeling really silly, let them trace their own hands! When I was working in an early childhood setting, I was blown away by the amount of preschoolers who had never traced their own hands at home.


After everything was cut out, I helped my toddler glue it together. She connected the body to the head, put the antennas on, and glued on the hand prints for wings.






Next, I took a cotton swap dipped in black paint and I helped my toddler make the spots. The end result was a perfectly, imperfect little lady bug.





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