Tissue Paper Kite

This tissue paper kite is perfect for a spring or summer craft. My toddler loved how the tissue paper felt in her hands.

Materials Needed

  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Assorted Colors of tissue paper
  • Half a piece of construction paper (The color is up to you)


I prepared for this craft by cutting out the kite shape from the white paper, cutting the tissue paper into squares, and cutting a wavy, ribbon like piece from the construction paper. My toddler is too young for scissors, but if you have a child that is preschool aged or up, then you can just draw the lines and let them do the cutting work.



Next, I sat my toddler down in her highchair and covered the kite shape in glue. I put several pieces of tissue paper on the kite at a time and let her arrange them. For an older child, this is an amazing small motor skill activity. You can have them use a glue stick and stick the pieces of tissue paper on one by one.





Once my toddler had everything where she wanted it, we let it dry a bit, then flipped it over to add the “tail”. This kite craft took about 15 minutes total (not including drying) and turned out so cute.





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