Book Review: Kit & Kaboodle

Each week, my toddler and I go over a different letter of the alphabet. She is too young to really pick up on what letters look like yet, but she loves going over sounds and we make a little letter to go on the fridge. This week, that letter is K. To go with that, I found the book Kit & Kaboodle on the library shelves.


*The following post contains affiliate links. The review is all my own and I am not being paid directly for that. The link is to help you find the book and I may receive a small commission on an item purchased from my link at no additional cost to you*

Kit and Kaboodle by Rosemary Wells is a collection of stories featuring Kit and Kaboodle. They are twin kittens. There is a mischievous little mouse is living in their house and he loves to cause chaos! These stories are well illustrated but were unable to hold my 1 year old’s attention. They may appeal a little more to an older child.




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