Flag Handprint Wreath

A child’s handprint can be used for some many different activities and crafts! My toddler loves having her hand traced. My favorite part of this craft is that it can be done with the colors of any country’s flag. We did both an American Flag wreath and a Mexican Flag wreath.


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Materials Needed



Normally, I try to do crafts that are child led. This one is more structured. I started by tracing my daughters hand. Then I cut out a stack of handprints in red,white, and blue construction paper. Later, when doing the Mexican flag wreath, we did red, green, and white. You can use any colors to represent any country you’d like.




Next, I cut out the center of the paper plate then put glue around the rim. I let my toddler place the handprints along the paper plate. Out of season Christmas PJ’s are not required for this craft, that is just how we roll in our house.



Once all the hands were in place, I flipped it over and taped the ribbon on so that we could hang the wreath.




We had some extra time, so we also made a Mexican Flag wreath. Both were very simple and a lot of fun.


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  1. This is a lovely idea and great for bonding with kids. I am sure it will keep them thoroughly entertained as well and they learn lots from it.

  2. This is such a cute bonding time! Not a momma myself yet but looking forward to those crafty projects with my little one in the future!

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