Paint Mixing Whale Craft

So yesterday was a little bit crazy. We went to a huge local flea market, then did some swimming, and then wrapped up the fun with an early dinner with Mr. Not So Crafty’s family. The early dinner left us a lot of time in between dinner and bedtime, so I needed something to fill the time but I didn’t have anything planned out. These are my favorite days. I love spontaneous art projects. I decided we would do some paint color mixing, which is a favorite in our house, and then this little whale was born.


Materials Needed

  •  Paper Plate
  • White Paint
  • Black Paint (we used sparkly black paint)
  • a gallon sandwich bag
  • Black or White Construction Paper
  • One googly Eye
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Crayon or Marker


We are a little sparse on the pictures for this because I was just kind of winging it and needed both hands to do so. I started by putting both paint colors on the plate then putting the plate in the sandwich bag. If you’ve never had your child paint this way, you are missing out! Its a lot of fun.





After my daughter finished mixing the colors together, we repeated the process with a piece of black construction paper. It was getting late, so I let it dry and we picked it back up this morning.


When it was all dry and ready to assemble, I cut out a tail shape from the painted construction paper. I also cut out a shape so that the whale could be blowing out water, but that’s optional. I wasn’t completely sure how whale like this thing was going to look, so I figured the added touch wouldn’t hurt. I let my daughter glue those one where she wanted them. After that, we glued on an eye and I helped my daughter draw a mouth. This whale took a little longer than most of the daily activities I do with my little one, but she loved mixing the colors together all by herself.



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