Paper Flower

Today has been a laid back day. My toddler is getting over her very first ear infection and I’m not feeling well either. We made this super simple, but super cute, flower together. This following post contains affiliate links from the Amazon Affiliate Program. We may get a small commission for items purchased from clicking on the links.


Materials Needed


I started by cutting out a green stem, two green leaf shapes, a brown circle, and two colors of petals. If your child is preschool age or older, you can just draw the shapes and have them cut them out. This is great fine motor skill practice. My child is too little for scissors, so I cut out all the shapes for her.


I gave my daughter the circle with glue all around the edges and let her place the petals on it.



Next, I helped her put the stem on the flower. After that, we put on each leaf. The older your child is, the less help they will need with this.




We let the flower dry for a few hours and then flipped it over to see the finished product.


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