Paper American Flag

This flag craft has both gluing and painting, so my daughter had a blast with it.


Materials Needed

  • White construction/ Computer paper
  • Red and Blue construction paper
  • white paint
  • scissors
  • Glue


We started out by cutting a blue square and some strips from the red paper. If your child is old enough, just draw lines and let them cut. Cutting with scissors is such a great way to practice fine motor skills. I then helped my daughter glue on the stripes and the blue square.



After that, I dipped my daughter’s finger in the white paint and we added the “stars”. This was her favorite part.





14 responses to “Paper American Flag”

  1. Doing craft projects with my kids bring me joy mostly because I am not crafty and only follow their leads.

  2. What a cute little project! This is perfect for the kiddos to make on the 4th of July!

  3. What a fun little craft for a small child to make. This would be great for my nephew.

  4. What a cute and simple craft to get involved in. We will have to make uk flags too x

  5. First of all I love your blog name, I can totally relate to it . This looks simple enough that the kids and I can all create together. Thanks

  6. Super cool creative idea! Thanks for sharing it with us! So nice

  7. How cute and such a simple craft to do with your kiddos.

  8. What a cute little project. I bet my nieces and my nephew would have so much fun with this too!

  9. Angela Tolsma Avatar
    Angela Tolsma

    Love the glue as stars great idea. I would have thought glitter or something but using glue is definitely less mess than glitter!

    1. It was actually white paint, but glue and glitter would totally work. My daughter is only a year and a half old, so we tend to avoid glitter right now.

  10. awww so cute! I miss just playing with paper, paint and glue. We all need to get back to being that creative child where everything is imperfect

    1. As an early childhood educator, I saw so many children who had never really got to play around with paint or glue. So many important skills are formed with simple activities like this one.

  11. Awesome project to do with the little ones. Easy to get materials and easy to do.

  12. This turned out so cute! what a great craft idea for kids!

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