Book Review: Dog on a Frog?

Over the past week, we have not gotten to do many activies or crafts in our home. The toddler has been sick with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease and the adults picked up some kind of GI virus. Its been a long week. We have gotten lots of toddler cuddles and book reading done! The following post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. These links may earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you. Affiliate Links allow us to keep writing! The opinions expressed in the book review are all ours. We are not being paid for an opinion nor were we asked by the author to give one.

Dog on a Frog? by Kes & Claire Grey and Jim Field is a book that will make both adults and kids giggle. The book offers silly rhymes and great illustrations. It is a sequel to Frog on a Log?, but each book can be read totally separate from each other. Our toddler has no concept of rhymes yet, but she giggled all the way through!

Paper Plate Pig

Part of the summer fun at our house has been visiting a local farm often. It is ran by the local parks system and the toddler just loves it there. So to help her explore her current farm animal interest, we have been reading books about farm animals as well. Yesterday, we decided to make a paper plate pig. You may notice that a lot of our activities involve paper plates. They are cheap and easy to work with. That makes them the perfect supply!

Materials Needed

  • Paper Plate
  • Pink Paint
  • Pink Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A Brown or Black Crayon
  • A Large Zip Lock Bag (Optional and convenient for smaller children)





We started by painting the paper plate pink. The toddler is just shy of 18 months, so while we sometimes let her paint with her hands, it is much easier to contain the paint in a plastic bag and let her paint that way. After it was painted, we let it dry for several hours. While it was drying, I cut out a nose shape and added to “nostrils” with a crayon. I also cut out two triangle ears. Once it was dry, I helped her glue them on.





After the nose and ears were glued on, I had my little one help me draw on the mouth. I then drew on the eyes. The older your child is, the less help they will need!



Tissue Paper Kite

This tissue paper kite is perfect for a spring or summer craft. My toddler loved how the tissue paper felt in her hands.

Materials Needed

  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Assorted Colors of tissue paper
  • Half a piece of construction paper (The color is up to you)


I prepared for this craft by cutting out the kite shape from the white paper, cutting the tissue paper into squares, and cutting a wavy, ribbon like piece from the construction paper. My toddler is too young for scissors, but if you have a child that is preschool aged or up, then you can just draw the lines and let them do the cutting work.



Next, I sat my toddler down in her highchair and covered the kite shape in glue. I put several pieces of tissue paper on the kite at a time and let her arrange them. For an older child, this is an amazing small motor skill activity. You can have them use a glue stick and stick the pieces of tissue paper on one by one.





Once my toddler had everything where she wanted it, we let it dry a bit, then flipped it over to add the “tail”. This kite craft took about 15 minutes total (not including drying) and turned out so cute.




Book Review: Kit & Kaboodle

Each week, my toddler and I go over a different letter of the alphabet. She is too young to really pick up on what letters look like yet, but she loves going over sounds and we make a little letter to go on the fridge. This week, that letter is K. To go with that, I found the book Kit & Kaboodle on the library shelves.


*The following post contains affiliate links. The review is all my own and I am not being paid directly for that. The link is to help you find the book and I may receive a small commission on an item purchased from my link at no additional cost to you*

Kit and Kaboodle by Rosemary Wells is a collection of stories featuring Kit and Kaboodle. They are twin kittens. There is a mischievous little mouse is living in their house and he loves to cause chaos! These stories are well illustrated but were unable to hold my 1 year old’s attention. They may appeal a little more to an older child.



Flag Handprint Wreath

A child’s handprint can be used for some many different activities and crafts! My toddler loves having her hand traced. My favorite part of this craft is that it can be done with the colors of any country’s flag. We did both an American Flag wreath and a Mexican Flag wreath.


**This post contains affiliate Links. These links may earn us a small commission at no additional charge to you**


Materials Needed



Normally, I try to do crafts that are child led. This one is more structured. I started by tracing my daughters hand. Then I cut out a stack of handprints in red,white, and blue construction paper. Later, when doing the Mexican flag wreath, we did red, green, and white. You can use any colors to represent any country you’d like.




Next, I cut out the center of the paper plate then put glue around the rim. I let my toddler place the handprints along the paper plate. Out of season Christmas PJ’s are not required for this craft, that is just how we roll in our house.



Once all the hands were in place, I flipped it over and taped the ribbon on so that we could hang the wreath.




We had some extra time, so we also made a Mexican Flag wreath. Both were very simple and a lot of fun.


Paint Mixing Whale Craft

So yesterday was a little bit crazy. We went to a huge local flea market, then did some swimming, and then wrapped up the fun with an early dinner with Mr. Not So Crafty’s family. The early dinner left us a lot of time in between dinner and bedtime, so I needed something to fill the time but I didn’t have anything planned out. These are my favorite days. I love spontaneous art projects. I decided we would do some paint color mixing, which is a favorite in our house, and then this little whale was born.


Materials Needed

  •  Paper Plate
  • White Paint
  • Black Paint (we used sparkly black paint)
  • a gallon sandwich bag
  • Black or White Construction Paper
  • One googly Eye
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Crayon or Marker


We are a little sparse on the pictures for this because I was just kind of winging it and needed both hands to do so. I started by putting both paint colors on the plate then putting the plate in the sandwich bag. If you’ve never had your child paint this way, you are missing out! Its a lot of fun.





After my daughter finished mixing the colors together, we repeated the process with a piece of black construction paper. It was getting late, so I let it dry and we picked it back up this morning.


When it was all dry and ready to assemble, I cut out a tail shape from the painted construction paper. I also cut out a shape so that the whale could be blowing out water, but that’s optional. I wasn’t completely sure how whale like this thing was going to look, so I figured the added touch wouldn’t hurt. I let my daughter glue those one where she wanted them. After that, we glued on an eye and I helped my daughter draw a mouth. This whale took a little longer than most of the daily activities I do with my little one, but she loved mixing the colors together all by herself.



Five Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So if you have not already found the perfect gift for the amazing father in your life, you better get shopping! I have found a five totally out of the box fathers day gift ideas. Best of all, everything is $25 or less. This post contains affiliate links from Amazon. We may get a small commission at no additional charge to you when you purchase something from this list. All prices are listed as of the time this post was written.

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Paper Flower

Today has been a laid back day. My toddler is getting over her very first ear infection and I’m not feeling well either. We made this super simple, but super cute, flower together. This following post contains affiliate links from the Amazon Affiliate Program. We may get a small commission for items purchased from clicking on the links.


Materials Needed


I started by cutting out a green stem, two green leaf shapes, a brown circle, and two colors of petals. If your child is preschool age or older, you can just draw the shapes and have them cut them out. This is great fine motor skill practice. My child is too little for scissors, so I cut out all the shapes for her.


I gave my daughter the circle with glue all around the edges and let her place the petals on it.



Next, I helped her put the stem on the flower. After that, we put on each leaf. The older your child is, the less help they will need with this.




We let the flower dry for a few hours and then flipped it over to see the finished product.


Paper American Flag

This flag craft has both gluing and painting, so my daughter had a blast with it.


Materials Needed

  • White construction/ Computer paper
  • Red and Blue construction paper
  • white paint
  • scissors
  • Glue


We started out by cutting a blue square and some strips from the red paper. If your child is old enough, just draw lines and let them cut. Cutting with scissors is such a great way to practice fine motor skills. I then helped my daughter glue on the stripes and the blue square.



After that, I dipped my daughter’s finger in the white paint and we added the “stars”. This was her favorite part.





Paper Plate Dog

My daughters favorite word right now is “Dog”. She doesn’t say doggy, or puppy. It’s always simply “Dog”. Sometimes its a dog, sometimes its an elephant, but regardless, it is “dog”. Her love of dogs of all shapes and sizes has inspired this activity.



  • paper plate
  • black and white construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • crayons or markers
  • glue


We started with a blank paper plate, eight spots cut out of construction paper, ears cut out of construction paper, and two googly eyes. I drew a little nose and mouth on the paper plate. If your child is older, they can draw it on themselves. I’m not an artist, so it will likely look better than mine.



Next, I helped my daughter glue. She put the spots on the face, then the ears. Lastly, I helped her get the eyes on it. I let it dry a little bit then added on the ears. As with most of the activities I post, the older your child, the less guidance they will need.